Music Instruction/Music Teachers

Guitar Lessons:

Matt Bureau: Matt has been teaching guitar professionally for a number of years. He has a degree in Music Industry from the University of New Haven. He has also been a member of many touring bands including Leaf Jumpers, Mixed Bag, and Enny Corner. In addition to this, Matt is currently a member of the country/rock band, Frankie Justin Lamprey and Roughstock.

Morgan Brown Morgan has been studying guitar for over ten years and is currently studying classical guitar performance at The Hart School of Music. Morgan is proficient in many styles of music including classical, jazz, rock, and metal. He is a professional performing guitar player and is also known for his work recording music as well.

Piano Lessons/Flute Lessons/Vocal Lessons:

Marilee Jones

Drum Lessons/Percussion Lessons:

Justin France: Justin has been playing drums in a variety of bands since the age of 13. In addition to drums, Justin is also a proficient guitarist and pianist.

Woodwind/Brass lessons:

Joe Richards:  

Joe began private music lessons in 1961 under Mr. Edmond Costanzia and studied with him until June 1966. In
 grades 9-11 at Waterford High School, he took private lessons from Mr. Arthur Booth, further studying theory, directing, arranging, and overall band performance. In 1970 to 1975, he studied advanced clarinet performance, learning Mozart’s K622, Weber Concertino OP26, and Schumann’s Fantasy, with Mr. Ralph Loomis (principle clarinet of the U.S. Coast Guard Band) and from '92-97 he studied advanced clarinet performance under Mr. Thomas Labadorf (clarinetist of the U.S. Coast Guard Band).

At the age of 14 he joined his first WWII style swing band playing 1 Alto Sax, Clarinet and Flute, and in '67 was drafted into the U.S. Army and passed the band audition.  

He started with 4 piece bands doing cocktail/dinner music, soon thereafter I started his first of 14 Swing bands of 17 musicians, playing concert, swing, polkas, and progressive jazz works.

Joe has played principle clarinet for the Sound of Music, passed rigorous auditioning and played with the Glenn Miller Band, and sat in with the Artie Shaw Band

In 1970 he started teaching clarinet, flute, and oboe, his first student a 3rd grade child who was failing special education. By 5th grade she was out of special education and making straight “As”. He continued to teach her throughout high school. She was the first person to finish school past 6th grade in her family.  

Joe teaches Klose’ for complete clarinet and Baermann Division III.